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Burda with The Mudariyya and The Muhammadiya (Translation Transliteration and the Arabic Text) - al-Busiri
 A new translation of the Burda Sharif, the Mudarriya and Muhamadiya in the same book.
Translated by Aziza Spiker.

Imam al-Busiri's poems in praise of the Prophet Muhammad have ...
Guardian of the Cloak - In defence of Imam Busiris Ode al Burda

Loving and praising the Messenger Muhammad [may Allah bless him and give him peace] is an essential cornerstone of every believer’s faith. This core facet ...

Mantle Adorned (Burda) Revised 2014 Edition HB
The Mantle Adorned: Imam Bûsîrî's Burda, translated, with further poetic ornaments, by Abdal ...
Sufi Poems (HardBack)
Sufi Poems is a selection of poems from the golden period of Sufism especially chosen and translated from the Arabic by the distinguished ...
Sufi Poems (Paperback)
  Sufi Poems  - (Paperback)  ...
The Mainstay - ACommentary on Qasida al-Burda
Ever since its composition in the seventh Islamic century, by the poet, scholar and spiritual master Muhammad b. Sa?id al-Bu?iri, al-Kawakib al-durriyya fi mad? Khayr al-Bariyya (‘The ...
The Mantle Odes Arabic Praise Poems to the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) PB
 1. Ka'b ibn Zuhayr and the Mantle of the Prophet (SAW) 
The Soliloquy of the Full Moon HB
A truly unique work! The Soliloquy of the Full Moon is the first English mawlid work ever written. An 1000 line panegyric, it is a fully metered, rhyming, epic poem celebrating the virtues of the Prophet, ...
The Speech of the Birds - Mantiqut-Tair
New 2010 Edition. Mantiqu’t-Tair is one of the masterpieces of Persian literature of which a complete and annotated translation into ...
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