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Books: Imam al Haddad

Counsels of Religion
The Book of Counsels, the author’s largest work, was declared by Imam al-Haddad to be easy, clear, intelligible to the ...
Reviving the Sunna

Following the prophetic path of guidance (the Sunnah) is an act of worship that draws a Muslim closer to God. By emulating the final Prophet and Messenger, Muhammad ...

The Book of Assistance
 There are many books in English which present Sufi doctrine, but few which can be used as practical travel guides along the Path. Originally written in Classical Arabic, ...
The Complete Summons and General Reminder
The Prophetic Invocations (Book and CD) HB
Includes a CD read and performed by Ahbab al-Mustafa

The Quest for Virtuous Character
Three Treatise

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