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Books: Islamic History

A Chronology of Islamic History: 570 - 1000 CE

A unique and concise reference source of the principal events which occurred between the birth of the Prophet (SAAS) in 570 CE and the year 1000 CE. This indispensable ...

Ancient Prophets of Arabia

Dr. Badawi is a scholar of great  benefit, whose books address topicsoften neglected by others.  He always has new things to say and his works, if studied ...

Conquest of the Sahaba 2 Volume set (HB)

English translation of Futuh al-Sham, ...

Defining Legends - An Analysis of Afrocentric Writings against Islam
 Since the 1960s there has been a rapid and phenomenal increase of people in the West embracing Islam and the majority of those in the West who are turning to Islam are people of African origin in the ...
Gods Crucible (HB)
At the beginning of the eighth century, the Arabs brought a revolution in power, religion and culture to Dark Ages ...
History of The Four Caliphs

This book is a concise and immensely satisfying historical account of the first four caliphs of Islam, Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman and Ali,  who because ...

History of the Khalifs who took the right way (PB)

Taken from Tarikh al-Khulafa, this classical work presents authentic hadith about the first four Khalifahs of Islam, may Allah be pleased with them, illustrating both the integrity and wisdom ...

Lost History The Enduring Legacy of Muslim Scientists Thinkers and Artists
"Mathematics, astronomy and medicine; those are three of the many disciplines that would not exist in their present ...
Lost Islamic History

Islam has been one of the most powerful religious, social, and political forces in history. Over the last 1400 years, from origins in Arabia, a succession of ...

Meccan Rebellion The Story of Juhayman al-Utaybi Revisited
In November 1979, Juhayman al-Utaybi and his fellow rebels took over the Grand Mosque in Mecca, the holiest sanctuary ...
Picture Album Of Muslim Holy Sites (English /Arabic)
 A picture album of Muslim Holy Sites. Hundreds of photographs of sacred places in Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Yemen, Iraq, Iran etc.   English/Arabic Edition.   Enclosed ...
Picture Album Of Muslim Holy Sites (URDU)
 WITH URDU TEXT.   A picture album of Muslim Holy Sites. Hundreds of photographs of sacred places in Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Yemen, Iraq, Iran etc.   Enclosed ...
The African Caliphate The Life Works and Teaching of Shaykh Usman Dan Fodio
This scholarly work focuses on the establishment in 1809, in what is today Northern Nigeria, of the celebrated Sokoto ...
The Blessed Imam Wretched Yazeed
 Less than 50 years after the Beloved Prophet's, Salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhi wa Sallam's, passing away, in the year 61 Hijri, his beloved grandson Sayyadina Husayn, was callously murdered alongwith ...
The Book of Islamic Dynasties (HB)

The Book of Islamic Dynasties presents in one concise volume an introduction to the many great Islamic dynasties that have arisen, shone and faded - like stars in ...

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