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Clothing: Shukr for Women

Buttoned Hooded Abaya
 This abaya will be your go-to outfit for Ramadan. Easy to wear and care for, and ever-so-soft, its design is subtle and Moroccan—the perfect thing for a simple, meditative Ramadan.    Description: ...
Contrast Stitched Hooded Jilbab
 This hooded jilbab is simple and peaceful. Comfortable enough to wear at home and classy enough to wear outside, you can’t pass this one up.   Description:
•Full ...
Nawwal Hoodie Jilbab
 This sporty hooded jilbab has some feminine touches for a sweet touch. Fun and comfortable, just throw it on and go!       Description:   •Full ...
Pleated Abaya
 This dignified and modest pleated abaya dress is perfect for more formal occasions. Made from a soft, lightweight rayon, it’s great for both the office and parties!    Description: ...
Rosette Abaya
 This cheerful abaya is ideal for parties and special occasions. Delicately embroidered and boldly designed, it’s also made from the softest jersey fabric imaginable. Be comfortable ...
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