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Audios: Arabic Nasheeds

Ahmed Ya Habibi
A fantastic album of Arabic and English nasheeds sung with traditional melodies from around the Middle East by Shaykh ...
Al- Burdah (volume 1) - Ahbab al Mustafa
1/ The Anguish of Love and Yearning
2/ Warning Against the Caprices of the Self
3/ Lauding the Master of Messengers (PBUH)
4/ The ...
Bali Daba
Bali Daba meaning 'Go Forth' is the Debut album from Benammi. A fusion of North African soul and Islamic lyrics forms Benammi's first solo album ...
Breezes from Paradise - Classic Nasheed Collection - Volume 1 (Book and CD)
Breezes of Paradise was compiled for children and beginners ar Arabic to have access to the nasheed tradition. The nasheeds selected are heard ...
Breezes from Paradise - Classic Nasheed Collection - Volume 2 (Book and CD)
This selection of anashid has been made child-friendly, but not childish. From the anashid one might term classical, they are of the ...
Latest album by nasheed singer, Ahmed Bukhatir. Contains 8 brand new instrument-free nasheeds, 6 in Arabic and 2 in English and a 16 page booklet ...
Dream with me
Hamza's debut album.
Amazing tracks beautifully sung.      * Ya Bunaya (Oh My Son)     * Sunna' Al Hayat (Establishers ...
Selections from the Burdah
This compilation consists of an excellent selection from the Burdah with extracts from Hizb al-Latif and a collective Du.a. ...
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