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Audios: Urdu Naats/Nazams

Badi Uz Zaman
Junaid Jamshed's much anticipated fourth nasheed album, entitled Badi' uz Zaman.  Track Samples:     ...
Habibi Ya Habibi
Areef Subrathie was born in 1981 in Durban, South Africa. He has been performing since the age of 12 and has seen successes in numerous international ...
In Praise of the Beloved
A beautiful album of heart warming urdu Naats in Praise of the Beloved (SAW).  Track listing  # Durud al-Taj # ...
This album is sung with pure devotion and sincerity a breadth of fresh air!       * Jalwa-e-Janaan     ...
Mola Dil Badal De
Mohammad Ali Haider, an ex-musician from Pakistan has now turned his back on music. This is is his first nasheed album.  Track listing:     ...
A new offering from Junaid Jamshed. Includes an extended rendition of Mawlana Altaf Hussain Hali's poem Musaddas-e-Hali, over 7 tracks, as ...
Pure delight in this amazing album, full of Love for the Beloved (SAW).  Track ...
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