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The Muwatta of Imam Muhammad al-Hassan ash-Shaybani (PB)

"The unqualified truth is that all of The Muwatta is sahih without any exception!" - Hafiz Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani. This quote from one of the greatest authorities on Hadith of all time is sufficient recommendation.

This is the version of the Muwatta of Imam Malik narrated by Imam Muhammad Ibn al-Hasan al-Shaybani (131-189 AH), one of the two leading pupils of Imam Abu Hanifah, and comes directly from his three years of study with Imam Malik. It will not only be of particular interest to students of the Hanafi fiqh, but also to students of hadith in general.

Imam Malik composed the Muwatta over a period of forty years to represent the 'well-trodden path' of the people of Madinah. Its name also means that it is the book that is 'many times agreed upon'  'about whose contents the people of Madinah were unanimously agreed' and that it is 'made easy and facilitated'. Its high standing is such that people of every school of fiqh and all of the Imams of hadith scholarship agree upon its authenticity. Ash-Shafi' said, "There is not on the face of the earth after the Book of Allah a book which is more sahih than the book of Malik. Shah Wali Allah Muhaddith ad-Dihlawi (1114-1176 AH) said, "My breast expanded and I became certain that the Muwatta is the most sahih (authentic) book to be found on the earth after the Book of Allah".

Imam Malik is the imam of the imams, the leader of the people of knowledge of Madinah, Malik ibn Anas ibn Malik ibn Abi 'Amir al-Asbahi al-Madani, born in 94 AH, 95 AH or even 99 AH. He was called the Man of Knowledge of Madinah. People of kn

Publisher: Turath
Author: Imam Muhammad al-Hassan ash-Shaybani
Pages: 624

Price: £12.95
Was: £14.95

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