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The Neglected Sunna

There are several sunnahs of the Prophet peace be upon him that we, as a community, often neglect. The Prophet peace be upon him was reported to have said, "Anyone who brings one of my sunnahs to life, it is as if he has brought me back to life." Once again with incredible insight and wisdom, Shaykh Hamza delivers a moving talk where he compares Islam to the corporate model. He refers to Islam as a brand name, and asserts the idea of human beings "shopping" for a religion and seeking the most attractive brand.

"He (Prophet Muhammad) peace be upon him is our CEO. He is the head of this extraordinary corporation called Islam whose product is the human being; whose product is faith; whose product is charity; whose product is virtue; whose product is courage; whose product is patience. This is our messenger and that is why we should be defending him."

"The competitive corporation is the number one corporation in the world. It is called Iblis Co. It has six billion employees and they don’t work 9 to 5; they work 24 hours a day!"

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