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Breezes from Paradise - Classic Nasheed Collection - Volume 1 (Book and CD)

Breezes of Paradise was compiled for children and beginners ar Arabic to have access to the nasheed tradition. The nasheeds selected are heard throughout the Islamic world and the rendition presented is authentic in selection and perforamance. The collection is accompanied by a book with full vowel sounds for the non-Arabic speaker so that the nasheeds will be sung as in the days before recording.

An audio CD is included as a learning tool and the recordings are clear and unaccompanied to ensure that words can be heard clearly. Sheikh Salah al-Kurdi performs nine nashids and the Asma al-Husna are sung on the traditional tune on the last track by Ahmed and Khalid Muzarza'.

Most of the traditional maqams are represented in the nasheeds chosen, so they can be used as 'keys' to learning to recite the Qur'an or ballads in the maqam suiting the humour of the gathering or Qur'anic selection.

Author: Sheikh Salah al-Kurdi
Medium: CD

Price: £10.00


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