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Breezes from Paradise - Classic Nasheed Collection - Volume 2 (Book and CD)

This selection of anashid has been made child-friendly, but not childish. From the anashid one might term classical, they are of the first priority, have memorable melodies, and are not overly complex. They are a second step up from the first collection, Breezes from Paradise Vol. 1.

The anashid are ordered according to the ease children normally find in learning them. They can be and have been learned by primary aged children and yet carry and reveal they value in adulthood. They are a good place to begin in to lay the foundation of an Islamic personality rooted in the Qur'an and Sunnah, branching into the forms of knowledge, and bearing fruit in the expressions of faith in Islamic societies.

It is hoped that in a day when few are able to access the roots or branches, that these anashid will give life and nur (spiritual light) to the heart, make Islam real for the listeners, and provide alternatives to the music of the day which becomes 'popular' by rousing base attributes shared by all humans.

Publisher: No other design
Author: Sheikh Salah al-Kurdi
Medium: CD

Price: £10.00


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