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The Book of Hadith

This selection of the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad was made by the internationally respected British Muslim scholar, Charles le Gai Eaton. The Book of Hadith captures not only the practical and profound wisdom of the Prophet, but his human side as well. Contains Arabic text as well.

From the Introduction:

In the progress of discovering and exploring the profound utility of these Prophetic sayings, we discover many levels. They show the deep humanity, kindness, and beneficence of the Prophet at the time when there is a pressing need to correct not only the many distortions about him, whether motivated by ignorance or malice, but also the widespread misconceptions about the intrinsically beautiful Islam which he has revealed to us. We also find the the hadith eenunciate and clarify doctrine and offer commentary upon it. They offer guidance for the deepening of knowledge, the improvement of conduct and character, and the strengthening of faith. Finally and above all, they remain a luminous spiritual source of inspirational material for the transformation of Hearts, for without the heart no injunction can ever be fully internalized, lived and embodied.ö

Topics Covered Include:

 On Islam, Iman (Faith), and Ihsan (Righteousness), Purification, Prayer, Afflictions and Death, Generosity, Kindness & Zakat (Charity), The Station of the Qur'an, Supplucations, Pilgrimage (Hajj), Human Transactions, Marriage, Animals, Food, Matters of Dress and Appearance, Dreams and Divination, Character, Behavior, and Adab (Courtesy), Foretelling, The Afterlife, The Prophet, The Mi'raj (Night Journey), The Death of the Messenger of God

Publisher: The Book Foundation
Author: Hassan Gai Eaton
Pages: 152

Price: £9.95


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