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The Book of Language

The book of language clarifies more than 200 key Islamic spiritual, philosophical, and metaphysical terms, from ahl, Allah, amanah, to will, worship, and witnessing. Its task is not only to elucidate Islamic concepts within a comprehensive model of the human soul and its spiritual faculties, but to develop a spiritual vocabulary in English as well. Islamic tradition offers profound and enlightening concepts that do not easily lend themselves to English translation, but are, nevertheless, of great value to psychology and religion, and the history of ideas.

Included is an essay by Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad, entitled “Truth and Knowledge” which explores Islamic epistemology, or “what we can know and how we know it.”

Kabir Helminski, the author and translator of numerous works on Islamic spirituality, brings to this work more than thirty years of experience in translation of Islamic concepts. Prince Ghazi Bin Muhammad is the author of The Sacred Origin of Sports and Culture. He was the cultural secretary to H.M. King Hussein of Jordan.

Praise for The Book Foundation’s Education Series:

These books are all of interest and I am sure that they will have an important impact not only on the Islamic community but also within the larger circle of those interested in spiritual matters. --Seyyid Hossein Nasr

Given the desperate need for properly adapted teaching materials oriented to the actual situations of contemporary people in the West, it would be difficult to exaggerate the Book Foundation’s efforts in the regard. I can honestly say that I have not seen anything comparable to the seriousness and comprehensiveness of the Book Foundation’s efforts in this field. --Dr. James W. Morris, Director of the Department of Middle Eastern Studies, The University of Exeter.

The Book Foundation’s offerings open a refreshing window onto the rich and diverse intellectual and spiritual traditions

Publisher: The Book Foundation
Author: Kabir Helminski; Prince Ghazi Bin Muhammad
Pages: 150

Price: £10.95


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