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Equity and Fairness in Islam

This is the first work in the English language to deal specifically with the subjects of equity and fairness in Islamic law.   Prof M H Kamali takes these concepts back to their origin in the Qur'an, the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad and the era of the Companions of the Prophet in the first two centuries of Islam. This is followed by discussions of equity as a basis for the formulation of Islamic law and a comparison between it and other concepts essential for law making such as general consensus, analogical reasoning and considerations of public interest. Part Two of Equity and Fairness in Islam is an attempt to apply the concepts of equity and fairness to certain issues of contemporary concern and especially to commercial transactions. The issues raised here are related to Islamic banking, sale transactions, charitable endowments, pensions funds and other long-term saving accounts. Equity and Fairness in Islam can be read in conjunction with M H Kamali's titles especially Islamic Commercial Law.

Publisher: Islamic Text Society
Author: Mohammad Hashim Kamali
Pages: 152

Price: £14.99


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