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Sirah of the Final Prophet (s)

This is a simple, concise and authentic account of the life of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Many books have been written on this subject but this unique book is characterized by the following:

1     Ideal for teenagers, introducing them to the Sirah of the Final Prophet (pbuh)
2     Comprehensive coverage of all major events
3     Simplicity of language and expression
4     Uses Qur'anic verses to supplement the manuscript

The Quran is Revealed

The analysis of the above ayahs (verses), show three stages for the cause in which he was to strive for:
1     Personal reform, so that one worships Allah alone in totality and avoids all forms of wrong doings and disobedience (al-Islahul Fardi).
2     Impressing on others the reality of their existence and final destiny; that they are Allah's servants and will return to Him after death (Da'wah and Inzar); hence establishing the rule of Islam in society (Iqamat al-Din).
3     Remaining steadfast in the face of difficulties and opposition which afflicts oneself when attempting to reform both oneself and society (al-Sabr wa'l-Istiqamah).
4     Uses Qur'anic verses to supplement the manuscript

The verses proved to be a turning point in the life of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). He would no longer retreat into continual solitary confinement; rather he was now entrusted with the duty of conveying the message of Islam to mankind (Da'wah) and initiating a movement for the dominance of Islam over all other ways of life (al-Harakatul Islamiyyah).

He was not to change society partially; as it is futile to implement partial good in some aspects of life. Partial good can be seen in every mission and even in bad systems there is a random good.

Thus the message of Islam was not to be a

Publisher: Awakening
Author: S.M. Hasan al-Banna
Pages: 210

Price: £6.95


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