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A Different Drum


Dale Marcell, the founder of the Marcell School of Drum, is a self-described "rhythmist". Twenty years in various aspects of the music industry led Dale back to rhythm, which he calls "THE BARE BONES OF MUSIC".

Dale believes that rhythm is a universal language that lies at the core of every person; a language that can be remembered and communicated through drumming. This is best demonstrated with group drumming - a drum circle. Those at the Marcell School of Drum have acted as guides turning many groups, from all walks of life, to drumming. It is a practice that helps relieve stress and build confidence, empowering the participants. It is accessible to all people, requiring little or no musical background.

Focusing on the healing power of the drum circle, Dale acts as a "social adjuster", acting on behalf of the community. "It takes just one empowered individual to empower others." he says. Dale starts from the ground up with people, allowing the drum to do its magic: "The first awkward movements of a group of strangers transform into one cohesive rhythmic voice, and in minutes positive energy moves through the crowd." Witnessing this phenomenon is very humbling for Dale and these days it is what gives him the most satisfaction.


Through drumming we celebrate the energy and vibration of life.

Drumming is a primal, intuitive language. It's the spiritual canoe that helps us move on in our journey through life; It's a language of transition; It's a language that helps us feel and own our emotions.

The drum circle. What a lovely community.

Our friends, family, workplace, bus stops, schools...everything works together. It all matters. This is our community. The drum circle helps us to find our connection and how we fit in. It becomes clear that we a

Publisher: Sound Vision
Author: Dawud Whansby
Medium: CD

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