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A Whisper Of Peace

* topics of songs include Eid, Hajj, Bismillah
* debut recording of Muslim artist Dawud Wharnsby Ali
* best known recording by Wharnsby Ali

Songs have a powerful influence on the way we think. Sadly, most of the entertainment we find in our culture guides us towards escapism, rather than inspiring us to celebrate Allah's signs and hopefully carry on with life's tests and trials. For this reason, many of us, especially, our children, need an alternative to the aggressive and immodest styles of music which dominate the current airwaves and television music stations. A Whisper of Peace is that welcomed alternative.

This recording is a beautiful collection of songs by Canadian Muslim artist and educator Dawud Wharnsby Ali. An expression of his love for Qur'anic teachings, these vibrant songs help listeners feel the gentle beauty of Islam, and undrstand simple purity of faith. They are sure to re-awaken the natural inclination towards God in all of us!

Beyond offering great entertainment through Wharnsby Ali's strong and insprational voice, A Whisper of Peace also allows the listener to learn more about different aspects of Islam, like prayer, Eid and Hajj, in a simple and fun manner. All tracks have been produced utilizing only simple hand-drums and vocals.

Some examples include:

"Takbir (Days of Eid)": Wharnsby Ali cheerfully shares the joy of the days of Eid, along with the praise of Allah that forms

Publisher: Sound Vision
Author: Dawud Whansby
Medium: CD

Price: £6.00
Was: £8.00

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