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Cant You See

Rashid Bhikha releases a single from his forthcoming album "Allah Knows" featuring father Zain Bhikha, Dawud Wharnsby Ali, Abdul-Malik Ahmad and introducing Naadira Alli.

The song Can't U See is a hard hitting rap about how the use of illegal substances can wreck lives. We all need to protect ourselves and our loved ones from drugs - to think we are safe from this social disease is to be naive. Can't U See features Abdul-Malik Ahmad of Hip-hop group Native Deen who also wrote this song.

Abdul-Malik Ahmad – the singer/songwriter from the group Native Deen lent his writing talents to produce this song. Thanks to him flying to South Africa and giving Rashid a crash course in rapping we are able to put this single out. Abdul-Malik has toured worldwide extensively with the group Native Deen raising the genre of rap into a domain in which it can be a positive contributor to helping people live peacefully in a civilised society.

Publisher: Jamal Records
Author: Various Artsits
Medium: CD

Price: £2.50
Was: £4.95

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