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Religion Violence the Modern World - Imam Hamza Yusuf

In the Spring of 2004, Hamza Yusuf toured the UK, appearing on BBC's Question Time in London and speaking to Muslim and non-Muslim audiences in Glasgow, Cardiff, Oxford, and London.

In this tour, Hamza Yusuf emphasized that continuing to treat the bitter fruits of problems such as terrorism and not dealing with the roots themselves, will not rid us ofthose problems. While it is easy for the West to say that Muslims need to resolve their issues, the West has failed to understand why Muslims feel that Western countries are responsible for their suffering.

Instead of attacking Muslims for their inability and incapacity to change their situation, we as Westerners, must extend a hand of good will and acknowledge our injustices?

Human beings have an immense capacity to forgive, but there must be an apology and recognition that people have been wronged and harmed.

Simply sending that message, admitting that people have suffered and looking at their suffering in a real way, would do much to diffuse the resentment and rage?

Publisher: Alhambra
Author: Imam Hamza Yusuf
Medium: CD

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