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After charming the Islamic World with his first album Salawat, Mesut Kurtis is back with his latest release Beloved, an album that takes the Islamic music to a whole new level.

Once again Mesut has bought us music that takes our breath away and lives on in our memories forever. The songs in this album perfectly translate how strongly we feel towards Allah and his prophet (peace be upon him); feelings that alone we sometimes find hard to express. But Mesut seems  to do almost effortlessly in Beloved, taking the words out of our hearts and turning into unforgettable songs.

01   Beloved   
02   Ya Allah   
03   I think of You   
04   Convey my Greetings   
05   Dhikru Allah   
06   Every breath is a Blessings   
07   Anty (Al-Hijab)   
08   The full moon of Medina   
09   Never Forget   
10   My wish for the World   
11   In the depth of the Night   
12   Beloved (Acoustic)

Publisher: Awakening
Author: Mesut Kurtis
Medium: CD

Price: £6.99
Was: £9.99

Your saving: 30%


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