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Al Fajr Wall Azaan Clock

Al Fajr is just about the best prayer Azan clock on the market in terms of manufacturing quality and design. Keeps prayer times for over 250 cities (preset) around the world, and if you know your longitude and latitude, you can customize it to alert you to the prayer times for your area. The complete azan for all prayers (including full Fajr azan that has "Assalatu Khayrun Min Annawm" ) can be played. The volume level can be easily adjusted by the dialer located at the back of the clock. The azan sound can also be switched to 3 beeps instead, or nothing at all (if you are traveling or simply do not want the alarm to produce any sound). Fajr and Isha times are calculated by either an angle of the sun below the horizon or by an interval of time. This clock is programmed to use the local taqweem method or the most widely used system for your city. However, if required, you can choose another taqween system for your city.

Choice of Azan times:
- Egypt altqweem Almasri
- Indian Sub-continent: Islamic Scientific University
- Saudi Arabia: Taqweem Um Al-Qurra
- Gulf Countries: Local Taqweems
- Rest of the Arab World: Follows Altaqweem Almasri
- North America: ISNA
- Islamic World Organization

Automatic Pre-prayer / Post-prayer time Alarm:
This unique feature allows you to wake up everyday exactly at the same time relative to a prayer time azan. For example, if you set the alarm to 1 hour before Fajr azan for tahajjud, then you will always get the alarm to ring and wake you up 1 hour before fajr and will keep up with the time change for Fajr to ensure that you always have 1 hour for your night prayers.

Daily Alarm:
The daily alarm is just like any regular alarm that rings at the same time everyday. This alarm can be set not to ring on weekends or can be set on one of the following three options:
- Monday to Friday only.
- Monday

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