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Travelling Light 3 (DVD)- Imam Ghazalis Ihya Series Books 13-16

with Sheikh Seraj Hendricks - Cape Town

BOOKS 13-16
:: The Courtesies of Earning A Living
:: The Halal & Haram
:: Friendship, Brotherhood & Companionship
:: The Courtesies of Seclusion

Music by Zain Bhikha, Yusuf Ganief & the Al-Zawiya Cape Town Singers

Released February 2010 - Running Time approx. 75 mins x 4 - English
DVD Region 0 - PAL Widescreen - E = Exempt from classification

:: The Courtesies of Earning A Living (Adab al-Kasb wa’l-Ma‘ash)
Part of obedience to God is earning a living to provide for oneself and for one’s dependents. This book deals with issues of business ethics, contracts, usury (riba), and how to remember God while engaged in one’s duties at work.

:: The Halal & The Haram (The Lawful and Unlawful)
Allah has placed us in a world of moral and spiritual choices. Some things are clearly lawful, and others are self-evidently destructive. But care needs to be taken with many of the more ambiguous issues which confront us in our daily lives.

:: Friendship, Brotherhood & Companionship (al-Ulfa wa’l-Ukhuwwa wa’l-Suhba)
There are spiritual advantages in keeping the right company. Alone we may fall prey to depression, loneliness, or temptation. Human beings benefit from the company of others; and we should deal with them on the basis of sincerity and love.

:: The Courtesies Of Seclusion (Adab al-‘Uzla)
Sometimes life obliges us to be alone; at other times, it is spiritually necessary to be so. The Prophets and Saints would retire periodically from the world to be alone with God. This book reveals the Islamically-valid form of such practices.

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