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Junior Quran Challenge Board Game

A fun way to learn about the Qur'an!
The Junior Quran Challenge game is a unique game based on the Holy Qur'an. The idea behind this game is to provide children with both fun and education. All 200 questions are taken from the Quran. They have been creatively worked into this game and children will enjoy answering them. This game can be played at school or at home with all the family members. Begin your journey and find out what fun it is to learn from the Quran.

Ages 5 to 10 years
2 to 4 Players / Teams
Over 200 Quran Questions
Covers Stories, Prophets, People, and Places of the Quran
A special gift for children and source of inspiration for the entire family.
Sample questions --

Q - Who was the mother of the Prophet Isa (pbuh) ?
A - Maryam, or Mary

Q - Name the creation of Allah who are made of smokeless fire.
A - The Jinn

Q - Name a special spring found in Makkah.
A - Zamzam

Price: £8.49


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