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Travelling Lights (DVD) Series 2 - Imam Ghazalis Revival of the Religious Sciences Books 35-38

:: Divine Unity & Reliance On Allah (al-Tawhid wa’l-Tawakkul)
Human beings find it hard not to be stressed by the unpredictable events of their lives. The wise person, however, who believes in God’s unity and power, seeks to place his trust in the Divine wisdom, a process which the Imam discusses in detail in this lesson.

:: Love, Longing, Intimacy & Contentment (al-Mahabba wa’l-Shawq wa’l-Uns wa’l-Rida)
Allah loves His creation, and human beings most especially; and we are called to love Him in return. This religious virtue turns life into a delight, as we recognise the signs of God’s love in creation and in other people, and learn to be satisfied with God’s decree at all times.

:: Intention, Truthfulness & Sincerity (al-Niyya wa’l-Ikhlas wa’l-Sidq)
No matter how outwardly correct we may seem, without inward purity and sincerity our spiritual practice and our moral life are meaningless. Here we learn the importance of sincerity and right intention, and how to rectify our inward consciousness to ensure that everything we do is uplifted by a clear and good purpose.

:: Vigil & Self-Examination (al-Muraqaba wa’l-Muhasaba)
A healthy inner life depends on giving Allah His due, which means constant awareness of His actions and His watchfulness. We need to hold ourselves to account for our actions and our intentions, knowing that He sees the states of our heart.

The lectures are by Ustadh Yahya Rhodus, an American scholar from the Midwest, who studied for two years in Mauretania, and a further five years in Dar al-Mustafa, Tarim, Yemen. He is currently attached to the faculty of the Zaytuna Institute, California. Disc 35 includes an interview with Abd al-Samad Romero-Roman, director of the Azzagra Cultural Foundation, who speaks about the history o

Publisher: Mishkat Media
Author: Imam Ghazali - Sheikh Yahya Rhodus
Pages: DVD

Price: £19.99
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