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A Collection of Sufi Rules of Conduct

Abu Abd al-Rahman al-Sulami

A Collection of Sufi Rules of Conduct (Jawami Adab al-Sufiyya) was written by one of the foremost early masters of Sufism and is considered as the first work devoted to the description of the way of life and the customs of the Sufis. It represents an early attempt to illustrate the conformity of Sufi beliefs and manners with the Qur’an and the example of the Prophet (Sunna). A Collection of Sufi Rules of Conduct is therefore not only a pioneering work of ethics and mysticism, it is also a summary of the views of Sufis up till the eleventh century. It was a major influence on the development of Sufism from the eleventh century onwards. The translation by Dr Elena Biagi includes an introduction that places the author in his historical, literary and religious context, and a general glossary of Sufi technical terms.

Dr. Elena Biagi is an independent scholar concentrating on research in Sufism. She teaches Arabic language and Islamic culture in Italy, where she works also as a linguistic and cultural mediator.

Publisher: Islamic Text Society
Author: Abu Abd al-Rahman al-Sulami
Pages: 176

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