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Reflections of Allahs Love A portrait of His Eminence Imam Ahmad Raza Khan al-Qadiri

REFLECTIONS OF ALLAH’S LOVE is a biographical sketch of His Eminence, Imam Ahmad Raza Khan al-Qadiri (may Allah have mercy on him), one of the most famous scholar-saints in South Asia and the leader of the People of the Prophetic Way and the Majority of Scholars during the 14th Islamic century. This book was written with the intention of shedding light on the nobility, self-mastery, spiritual excellence, and God-consciousness of the Imam, who has intellectual links and spiritual ties to major centers of Islamic learning in the Subcontinent and the Arab world such as Lucknow, Khayrabad, Delhi, Marehra, Mecca the Ennobled, and Medina the Illumined. Included in this narrative are anecdotes, excerpts, and forty narrations (Ahadith al-Arba’in) that the Imam personified.

 “This biography is the need of the hour.” –Hazrat ‘Allama Pirzada Mawlana Chaman Qadri, City Qazi of Bundi (India), President of the Rajasthan Qazi Council and Qaumi Ekta Society, Rajasthan

Maryam Qadri is an American convert who embraced Islam in 2004 and was initiated into the Qadiri Tariqah by her honorable Murshid al-Kamil, Hazrat ‘Allama Pirzada Mawlana Chaman Qadri (may Allah sanctify his secret and grant him a long life). Three years later her Murshid encouraged her to take knowledge from Imam Ahmad Raza Khan al-Qadiri (may Allah have mercy on him). As a result, she devoted the next four and a half years to reading the works of the Imam and studying his life and teachings.

Publisher: al Mukhtar
Author: Mariam Qadri
Pages: 190

Price: £7.95
Was: £9.95

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