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Bahaar-e-Shariah 3 Vols (Urdu)

'Bahar-e-Shari’at' is that universally acclaimed book of Mawlana Amjad Ali 'alayhir rahman, which can be justifiably called the Encyclopedia of the Hanafi Islamic (fiqh) Jurisprudence. This is possibly the most authentic and comprehensive fiqh book in the urdu language for Hanafi Sunni Muslims.

The Author: Mawlana Amjad Ali 'alayhir rahman, also known as 'Sadr us Shariah,' was a great faqih, (jurist), a renowned speaker and manazir (debater), not to mention a prolific writer. Mawlana Amjad Ali 'alayhir rahman was given the title of 'Sadr as-Shari'ah' - (Leader of Shari'ah) by the Great Mujaddid of Islam; A'laHadrat Shah Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Barelwi, Rahmatullahi ta'ala 'alayhi. Amongst his students include the likes of scholars such as Hafiz-e-Millat Mawlana Abd 'al-Aziz Ashrafi, Allama Na'im al-Din Muradabadi, Mufti Azam-e-Pakistan, Allama Waqar al-Din, May Allah be pleased with them all.

Publisher: Dawat e Islami
Author: Mawlana Amjad Ali (RA)

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