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Travelling Light (DVD) Series 6- The Foundations of the Articles of Faith

This DVD covers Books 2 of Imam al-Ghazali’s spiritual classic The Revival of the Religious Sciences, which are The Foundations of the Articles of Faith.

The teacher in this series is Shaykh Walead Mosaad, a leading American scholar who has studied with and been authorised to teach by many notable shuyukh in the Middle East. His talks were filmed in the historic Mevlevi Tekke at Yenikapi in the historic Merkezefendi district of Istanbul, and are accompanied by ilahis by leading Turkish group Efrûz.

:: The Foundations of the Articles of Faith (Qawa'id al-Aqa'id)
This book showcases Islamic theology as a holistic intellectual and spiritual endeavour, rooted in the Divine self-disclosure in revelation and in nature. The categories of Divine Names are explained, including Existence, Will and Knowledge, together with the concept of prophethood, and an account of the correct belief about the life after death.

- Running Time approx. 80 mins - English
DVD Region 0 - PAL Widescreen - E = Exempt from classification

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