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Rabia Dates 500g

Rabia Dates from Madina Dates Factory 500 grams


Dates are mentioned several times in the Holy Quran as one of the bounties of ALLAH to man-kind.

Modern science has proved that dates are part of a healthy diet. They contain sugar, fat and proteins, as well as important vitamins. Dates are also rich in natural fibres. Modern medicine has shown that they are effective in preventing abdominal cancer. Dates and date palms have been mentioned in the Holy Qur'an 20 times, thus showing their importance. The Prophet (PBUH) likened a good Muslim to the date palm, saying, "Among trees, there is a tree like a Muslim. Its leaves do not fall." Sayyidah Mariam (the Virgin Mary) mother of Jesus (PBUH) had dates as her food when she felt labour pains and during confinement. Modern science has also proved the effectiveness of date, in preventing diseases of the respiratory system. Dates are rich in several vitamins and minerals. Dates are also rich in calcium, they help strengthen the bones. Dates are also important in keeping up the health of eyes. It is quite effective in guarding against night-blindness.

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