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Travelling Light (DVD) Series 7 - On Meditation

:: On Meditation (al-Tafakkur)
In this DVD recording, we learn about the key Islamic practice of fikr, or meditation. It is a Qur'anic commandment to observe the wonders of creation and to give reverent thanks for them in the heart. The Imam explains how to integrate this peaceful practice within a holistic Islamic life.


Sidi Idris Watts is a British scholar and teacher. After graduating with First class honours in Arabic from Leeds University, he spent four years in Fez, Morocco, attending classes at the Qarawiyyin University and studying under some of the city's great scholars, focusing on tajwid, grammar, and Maliki fiqh. In 2007, he returned to England, where he is now Resident Scholar at the Abu Zahra Foundation in Keighley, Yorkshire.


Bifröst, Iceland

The lectures are given in a mountain cabin in the remote and beautiful Bifröst region of Iceland. Cutaway footage shows the audience trekking through the area's scenic landscapes, including the Sólheimajökull Glacier, Laxnes, and Mount Esja. On the glacier, ash deposits are a reminder of the recent eruptions of neighbouring volcanos.

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