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Imam al-Ghazalis Mukhtasar HB

The Shaykh and Imam, the Proof of Islam, Abû Hâmid Muhammad ibn Muhammad al-Ghazâlî, may Allah have mercy upon and be pleased with him, stated:

‘Thank Allah for all His bounties; for even enabling us to thank Him; and prayers and peace be upon the Master of Messengers, Muhammad, His Prophet, Mes­senger and Servant, upon his family and Companions, and upon his successors after him, his Ministers in his time.

I missed, in some of my travels, a facility for extracting from the ‘Ihyâ’ ‘ulûm ad-dîn’ its essences, due to the difficulty of carrying it around with me, on account of its bulk. Hence I tackled this matter, seeking success and guidance from God and praising His Prophet.

It consists of forty chapters.

And Allah guides to the truth.’

Publisher: Spohr
Author: Imam Ghazali
Pages: 480

Price: £14.95
Was: £25.00

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