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Educating Children Classical Advice for Modern Times

A translation and commentary on a classical Arabic poem about raising children. The advice it contains draws on traditional sources, the experience of the translator, and the reflections of people from various walks of life.
The author of the poem Riyadatul Sibyan, is the famed 16th Century jurist, Imam al-Ramli. Its translator, Abdul Aziz Ahmed, is an experienced teacher who studied both classical Islamic texts with renowned scholars, and modern psychology and pedagogy. The book discusses child development from the point of choosing a spouse to the child’s attaining maturity. It contains explanations of key concepts such as adab, etiquette, aql, intellect and role models. There are practical examples and reflections on real situations, as well as explanations of prophetic traditions.

Each chapter contains discussion points and quotes from various contributors.

The topics include
Gender roles
The influence of television and mass advertising
The importance of finding time to play and relax and
Ways of developing the intellect.

Publisher: Kitaba
Author: Imam Muhammad bin Ahmed al-Ramli, Abdal Aziz Ahmed
Pages: 134

Price: £10.99
Was: £12.99

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