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Thank You Allah (Vocals ONLY Version)

Thank You Allah manages to masterfully strike that fine balance between powerful upbeat songs of praise or encouragement, and sensitive, inspired ballads. It is a bright and shining testament to faith in Allah and praise for his countless blessings. Throughout the album’s 17 tracks, Maher uses his soft, sincere, and heart-piercing vocal ability, to uplift his listeners and to elucidate the pure joy of spiritual flight.  He touches on the doubts and weaknesses we endure in this battle called life, but at the end of it all, with the grace of Allah, we shall overcome this fight!

1.  Always Be There
2.  Ya Nabi Salam Alayka
3.  Insha Allah
4.  Palestine Will Be Free
5.  Thank You Allah
6.  Allahi Allah Kiya Karo (Featuring Irfan Makki)
7.  The Chosen One Never Forget (Featuring Maher)
8.  Baraka Allahu Lakuma
9.  For the Rest of My Life
10.  Hold My Hand
11.  Awaken
12.  Subhana Allah (Featuring Mesut Kurtis)
13.  Open Your Eyes
14.  Insha'Allah (Arabic - Bonus Track)
15.  Ya Nabi Salam Alayka (Arabic - Bonus Track)
16.  Sepanjang Hidup (Malay - Bonus Track)
17. Insha'Allah (Malay - Bonus Track)

Publisher: Awakening Media
Author: Maher Zain
Medium: CD

Price: £7.99
Was: £9.99

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