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A Journey of Loving Hearts to the Master of Divine Envoys A Guide to Visiting the Messenger of God and His Blessed Mosque

This is the definitive guide to visiting the Messenger of God, may peace and blessings be upon him, with high adab and courtesy the book takes the visitor to the Radiant City of Madina, and the Blessed Mosque of the Messenger of God, and onwards through to presenting oneself in front of the Best of Creation, may peace and blessings be upon him. En route the authors dedicate chapters to; The Merits of the Possessor of the Tremendous Character, The Shariah position of visiting him, Recommendations for the Visitor, How to Visit him upon whom be peace and blessings, The Good Manners in Standing in front of the Chosen One. Attributes of the City of Madina An indispensable guide to visitors and a spirit lifting read for those aspirations are to be close to the Best of Creation, may peace and blessings forever be upon him.

Publisher: Vision of Reality
Author: Khalid Ismail Sulayman (Author), Majdi Imam (Author), Mostafa Al-Badawi (Translator)
Pages: 127

Price: £7.50
Was: £10.00

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