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A Treasury of Hadith A Commentary on Nawawis Selection of Prophetic Traditions (HB)

Imam Nawawi’s collection of 42 hadith brings together some of the most important and pivotal Prophetic traditions. Each tradition encapsulates a great rule of the religion of Islam, described by Islamic religious scholars as an ‘axis’ in Islam. The commentary of the great hadith master Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Daqiq al-‘Id is simple but erudite and was the first prepared on Imam Nawawi’s collection.

About the authors

Imam Nawawi (1233-77), the author of the hadith selection, was an authority in the Shafi‘i legal school, hadith master, biographer, lexicologist and Sufi.

 Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Daqiq al-‘Id (d.1302), is accounted as one of Islam’s great scholars in the fundamentals of Islamic law and belief, and was an authority in the Shafi‘i legal school.

 Mokrane Guezzou is the author of Shaykh al-Hashimi: His Life and Works, and the well-known translator of over ten works including Qur’an commentary Wahidi’s Asbab al-Nuzul and al-Buzaydi’s The Adab of the True Seeker. He lives in Jordan.


Publisher: Kube
Author: Imam Nawawi, Ibn Daqiq Al-Id, Mokrane Guezzou
Pages: 192

Price: £5.99
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