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Bustan al Arifeen HB

Imam Muhyiddin Abu Zakariya Yahya bin Sharaf al Nawawi (631-676 AH)


The purpose of this book is to make clear how to travel the path of the rightly-guided. It will show how to take on the excellent qualities of the Salaf, Allah-willing. The author mentions some of the pearls and realities of gnosis. It is composed in such a way so as not to bore the reader and so as to render its subject matter easy to remember. This book also contains some of the uplifting saying of the Salaf, the meaning of certain inspiring stories and some beautiful poems. In most cases it is demonstrated whether the hadiths are sound or excellent, and their chains of transmission are clearly set down. Whatever is obscure or hidden in them is made clear. Necessary definitions are provided in order to avoid distortion and to shun alteration or twisting the meaning.

Certain things may be mentioned and then the chain of transmission stated so that it might take firm hold in the reader. The isnad of transmission may be condensed and shortened to avoid lengthiness. This book is meant for people who worship and for people who are not in need of the science of isnads and may even rather dislike them. Most of what is quoted - by the praise and bounty of Allah has an isnad which is already famous in well-known books. Should there be a difficult phrase or name in a hadith or story, it will be defined and concisely explained.

This book contains various science of the Shari'ah, some of the subtleties of hadith, the science of fiqh and the manners (adab) of the deen. It also contains some of the science of hadith and some fine points of hidden fiqh. It contains important points concerning belief and some gems of principle. It includes subtle marvels which stimulate remembrance of Allah, which should be mentioned in gatherings. It deals with gnosis of the hearts, their sicknesses and

Publisher: Dar al Minhaj
Author: Imam Nawawi
Pages: 300

Price: £8.95
Was: £10.95

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