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Al Isha-ah li-Ashrat al Sa-ah (PB)

The Proclamation of the Signs of the [Final] Hour

Muhammad ibn `Abdul Rasul ibn `Abdul Sayyid al-`Alawi al-Husayni al-Musawi al-Shaharzuri al-Barzanji. He was born in the Kurdish town of Shahzur on Friday, the 12th of Rabi al-Awwal, 1040 AH (18th October 1640).

He grew up in the town of his birth, learning the Qur’an from an early age, and started travelling from his early adulthood to many towns and cities including Aleppo, Damascus, Baghdad, Yemen, and Egypt to seek knowledge, and study under the many famous resident Sheikhs he found in each of these places.

 He finally settled in Madina, the City of the Prophet s.a., and was appointed Chief Mufti of the Shafi`is in Madina.

The Shaykh passed away in Muharram in Madina in 1103 AH. He was buried in al-Baqi alongside other prominent Barzanjis.

Many of his descendants became prominent scholars and many held the post of the ‘Chief Mufti of Shafi`is’ in Madina.

Publisher: Dar ul HIjra
Author: Imam Barzanji (RA)
Pages: 293

Price: £9.95


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