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Ashwaaq 12ml - Similar to Royale by Ajmal

Ashwaaq - 1 Tola (12 ml) - Similar to Royale by Ajmal

A fragrance that will entice your other half and make you more beloved in their eyes. This creation starts off with a fresh, green, tropical, fruity note whilst the middle is composed of exotic woody, flowery and fruity notes. The exhilirating base of musk and balsamic notes are present throughout.

Perfume comes in a plain 3ml Glass Bottle without the packaging. [Image of 12ml bottle]

Top Notes

  • Fresh
  • Green
  • Citrusy (bergamot)
  • Tropical
  • Fruity (mango, passion fruit)
  • Oriental (olibanum)
Middle Notes

  • Fruity
  • Flowery (jasmine, gardenia, lily)
  • Woody (sandalwood, cedar)
Base Notes

  • Musky
  • Balsamic (vanilla, tonka)

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