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Naadir 6ml - Similar to Aurum by Ajmal

Naadir - Half Tola (6ml) Fragrance similar to Aurum by Ajmal

Opens with ripe, juicy red strawberries, pineapple, pear and hints of jasmine & gardenia. Then it tones down to notes of floral (jasmine, rose, gardenia, orange blossom, cyclamen, orchid) and spice notes, with the perfectly balanced fruity notes, that isn't too overwhelming. The base notes of amber, sandal, cedar & musk are finely blended to give a masterful mix for hours of delight. The addition of vanilla to the blend is a masterful stroke of genius. Made for women, but we strongly recommend for men as well.

Perfume comes in a plain 6ml Glass Bottle without the packaging. [Image of 12ml bottle]

Top Notes

  • Fresh, lemon, grapefruit, fruity (pear, strawberry, pineapple), floral (jasmine, gardenia)
Middle Notes

  • Fruity (raspberry, apple, apricot), floral (jasmine, rose, gardenia, orange blossom, cyclamen, orchid), spicy (cinnamon, tonka)
Base Notes

  • Ambery, woody, sandal, cedar, musky, powdery, vanilla

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