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Rethink your World

al-Tibrizi’s acclaimed ?adith compilation, Mishkat al-Ma?abi?. Mishkat al-Ma?abi? is a work that has impressed scholars for over 700 years. It is a compilation that has been taught in seminaries around the globe until this day and has made a significant mark in the world of ?adith literature.
Rethink Your World contains narrations that help you revaluate and thus realign your life goals and aspirations to correspond with what was described and explained by our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him). It discusses the realities of life, money and this world in general thus giving you the ability to think outside your current confines. Ultimately, it enables you to look at life in a more wholesome fashion and motivates you to begin, if not resume, the pursuit of Paradise.

About the Author

Kha?ib al Tibrizi’s full name was Abu ?Abdullah Mu?ammad ibn ?Abdullah al-Kha?ib al-?Umri al-Tibrizi. He was an 8th century ?adith scholar who was renowned for his knowledge and piety. Although very few details are known about his life, his work, Mishkat al-Ma?abi? has benefitted scholars and students throughout the globe for the last seven centuries. Numerous commentaries on this work have been rendered by many great scholars throughout this period.
Kha?ib completed this momentous work on the last Friday of Rama?an 737 AH. He is believed to have passed awa

Publisher: Bukhari Publications
Author: Imam Tabrizi, Omar Subedar
Pages: 100

Price: £5.00
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