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Perfect Family - Virtues of the Ahl al-Bayt


This is the much awaited work on the virtues and excellences (fadail) of the Prophetic Household, the Ahl Al-Bayt. Selections were made from the writings of only the best and most widely respected of hadith scholars, they are:


Imam Bukhari, Imam Muslim, Imam Nasai’, 


Ibn Shahin, Imam Nawawi, Ibn Kathir,


Imam Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani and Imam al-Suyuti.


The book includes an outstanding Foreword by Dr Mostafa al-Badawi about the importance of the Ahl al-Bayt.


Foreword by Dr. Mostafa al-Badawi,

Publisher: Vision of Reality
Author: Various
Pages: 260

Price: £12.50
Was: £25.00

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