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Higher Reality Manifestations of the Unseen

Communities have always held some notion of unseen realms regardless of religion or culture. However, the modern age - an age of extreme materialism - is an anomaly in this regard with its systematic erosion of such ideas from the very psyche of man. People are finding it progressively more difficult to comprehend realities that exist beyond the framework of the physical world and how they tie in to the familiar material dimension we have become immersed in.

                       '' When Friday comes, angels stand at the door of the
                          Mosques, recording the order in which people enter, 
                          the first ones first. Once the Imam sits on the pulpit,
                          they fold up their records and enter to listen to the

This unque book seeks to take the reader through various unseen realms that exist outside, or alongs

Publisher: IV
Author: Mustafa Badawi
Pages: 180

Price: £11.95
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