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The Quest for Virtuous Character

For over 900 years, Imam al-Ghazali’s I?ya Ulum al-Din (The Revival of the Religious Sciences) has been the spiritual ocean from which Muslims across the globe have derived their religious sustenance. In this unique compendium, ?abib Mu?ammad ibn Abdillah al-Haddar has forged a tributary from that ocean into the modern age, contextualizing its guidance for readers navigating the stormy seas of contemporary times.


About the author

?abib Mu?ammad ibn Abdillah al-Haddar (1340-1418ah / 1920-1997ce), was born and raised in al-Bay?a, North Yemen and was educated at the famous Riba? in Tarim, ?a?ramawt. One of the most erudite scholars, prolific writers and spiritual luminaries of his age, he spent his life travelling and guiding people to Allah and raising the next generation of Muslim scholars and agnostics.

Dar al-Turath al-Islami is proud to present ?abib Mu?am­mad’s first work rendered into the English language

Author: ?abib Mu?ammad ibn Abdillah al-Haddar
Pages: 163

Price: £16.50
Was: £18.50

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