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Dhan Oudh al Mubakhar

Dhanal Oudh Al Cambodi is the spray version of the immensely popular and hugely successful 'Dhan Oudh Al Cambodi Concentrated Perfume'. It carries on the legacy of a truly sensual and highly exotic perfume that creates a resplendent aura of delight and desire.

The fragrance is a very fine blend of pure and expensive ouch from Cambodia inflected with precious musk, precious woods and amber. Dhanal Oudh Al Combodi captures the ultimate splendor and magnificence of oriental perfumery, in a royal and majestic way. The mystique and the magic of this juice is mesmerizing and elevating.

The juice comes in a precious crystal bottle with exclusive cuts reflective of craftsmanship, delightful in its splendor and appeal to sophisticated tastes.

Top: Rich woods, Oud
Middle: Oud
Base: Amber, Oud, Musk

Volume: 3ml
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