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Mabsoos Ma Dhanel Oud

The vast majority of us wear perfume every day, but no other gesture that is performed as regularly is as rich with meaning.

Mabsoos Ma Dhanel Oud -25gm Bakhoor Incense 25 Grams. Night beckons, as the sun departs. Welcome the darkness and breathe the mysticism with the vivid and intense Oudh Al Shamoukh Gold. Fresh, clean, spicy, it gives every party its soul.  A wonderful smell use for special occasions, use it a lot housewives in Dubai or All Arabian Gulf family houses, suitable for perfuming rooms and clothes. This is a Nice & a Lovely Long Lasting Mabsoos Ma Dhanel Oud - 25gm Bakhoor Incense for you to enjoy all the day.

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