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Secrets within the order of the Quran HB

FREE SHIPPING ON UK ORDERS. FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER £100. SHIPPING FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDERS BELOW £100: Please note our orders are shipped from the UK. CONTACT US BEFORE PLACING AN ORDER FOR THE SHIPPING PRICE. If an order is placed without inquiring from us, we will check with international couriers and provide the cheapest possible discounted price and then request the amount from the customer via email. PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR PHONE NUMBER FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDERS. H/B 336 Pages This unique book displays the genius of al-Suyu?i in exegesis of the Qur?an. Through his deep reflection and knowledge of the Qur?an and its related sciences, he provides insights into why its chapters are ordered so and unveils intricacies to the reader which could only have been unearthed by one possessing such mastery and genius. The author states at many junctures within the book that he is displaying his reflections to the reader, so one is given the opportunity through this intimate writing style to ponder over the Qur?an from the perspective of a true tafsir master. From the back cover: Qatadah (d. 118) said, “By Allah, they would find in the Qur?an that which would impede sinfulness, if only they contemplated upon it and comprehended it.” [Tafsir al-?abari] Al-Shawkani (d. 1250) said, “Al-Suyu?i was a major imam, and a prolific author. He was given authorisation (ijazah) by the major scholars of his time from different countries and towns. He excelled in the various sciences and surpassed his peers; he gained distinction and his acclaim spread far and wide. From his beneficial works are his two Jami? collections of ?adith, al-Durr al-Manthur and al-Itqan fi ?Ulum al-Qur?an.” [Summarised from his biography in al-Badr al-?ali? (1/328-335)] The author said, “[I have aimed to produce an interesting book about a special theme]—that being the rationale of the order of the surahs—so it can help and save the time of o

Publisher: Dar al Arkam
Author: Imam Suyuti
Pages: 360

Price: £11.99
Was: £14.99

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