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A Commentary on al Ajrumiyyah

A full bilingual rendition of Mu?ammad Mu?i al-Din ibn ?Abd al-?amid’s (d. 1393h) renowned commentary on Ibn Ajurum’s (d. 723h) primer entitled al-Tu?fat al-Saniyyah bi Shar? al-Muqadimmat al-Ajrumiyyah with supplementary notes from other commentaries. ?Umar bin al-Kha??ab (ra) said, “Learn the Arabic language, it will produce intellect and increase you in respectable behaviour.” [Shu?ab al-Iman of al-Bayhaqi, 1551] Ibn ?azm said, “Anyone who seeks knowledge of na?w and the Arabic language with the intention of implementing the Shari?ah and understanding the Words of Allah, the Most High, and the words of His Prophet, and to have a broader understanding of the religion; then this person will have a great reward and a lofty status by which he will not be surpassed by anyone.” [Rasa?il ibn ?azm 3/162] Al-Suyuti said, “Those who explained this book (al-Ajrumiyyah), such as al-Makudi, al-Ra?i and others, have described its author as being an imam in na?w, and possessing many blessings and benefits. An example of this is his Muqadimmah which has been extremely beneficial for beginners in studying na?w.” [Bugyat al-Wu’at fi ?abaqat al-Lughawiyin wa al-Nu?at 1/238] Ibn ?aj said, “Proof that this book is beneficial is that Allah has given it acceptance, to the extent that this has become the very first book (for beginners) that is studied prior to the commencement of reading the Qur?an al-A?im. This Muqadimmah will give you benefits and understanding in the shortest time possible.” [al-Taliqatu al-Jaliyyatu ?ala Shar? al-Ajrumiyyah, p. 43]

Publisher: Dar al Arkam
Author: Mu?ammad Mu?i al-Din ibn ?Abd al-?amid
Pages: 408

Price: £12.99
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