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The Final Words of the Scholars at the onset of Death

The author al-?afi? ibn Zabr has collected in this work a moving selection of narrations regarding the final moments of the Prophets, Companions and the scholars from amongst the early generations. Provided through this are their final testaments, words of wisdom and reflections at the coming of death.

About the Author
Al-Dhahabi said in Tadhkirat al-?uffa?: “[He was] the erudite hafi? and author Abu Sulayman, the mu?addith of Damascus and the son of its judge. Ibn Zabr said, ‘Abu Ja?far al-?a?awi reviewed some of the work I authored, and he became impressed. He said to me, ‘O Abu Sulayman, those of your ilk (i.e. the ?adith scholars) are the chemists and those of our ilk (i.e. the fiqh scholars) are the doctors.’’”

Al-Kattani said: “Many narrated from him and he dictated in the Jami? Masjid. He was a thiqah narrator, noble and dependable. He authored a book entitled al-Wafiyat which was famous on the tongues. Abu Na?r ibn al-Jabban related that Ibn Zabr told him that he saw Allah, the Exalted, during his sleep and he mentioned that he saw just a light.”

?Abd al-?ay ibn al-?Amad al-?anbali said in Shadharat al-Dhahab: “The deaths of 379h: From them was Abu Sulayman ibn Zabr, he was a mu?addith, a ?afi?, a thiqah narrator and a highly revered individual. He authored a number of beneficial works.”


Publisher: Dar al Arqam
Author: al-?afi? ibn Zabr
Pages: 140

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