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Etiquette for the Seeker on the Path

Imam Abdallah bin Alawi al-Haddad in his Risalat ul-Adab Suluk il-Murid, translated as; Etiquette for the Seeker on the Path, has listed the most fundamental aspects for the seeker, intending the path of Sufism.


He begins by describing the point of initiation and the origin for the seeker, which is the transmission of Divine light into the heart. It is received through God’s favour alone and no human effort is involved at this stage. Therefore, one who has been graced with this Divine light, must treasure, protect and appreciate this gift, as they have been selected and chosen from amongst the masses.


The initial drive and zeal to approach Allah, emerges from this transmission, and Imam al-Haddad provides a succinct guideline in this book with a step by step approach on how to protect, develop and nurture this Divine gift.


Publisher: Sakina
Author: Imam al Haddad
Pages: 60

Price: £6.00
Was: £7.00

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