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Juz Amma with Pen reader

Juz Amma by Learning Roots makes Quran learning fun, inviting and easy. It reads out pages and plays games so children can learn independently, build their confidence and have fun while learning too. It speeds up reading progress and memorisation by visualising results and celebrating small wins.  Here are just some of the features in this wonderful book that get’s all the little details on point: * Each page of Juz Amma works with Kiitab, our speaking pen, so that your child can listen to, repeat and master each verse.? * One of the best features of this book is the Hifdh (memorisation) gamesthat this book plays with Kiitab. The ‘Find Me’ games are not only super fun to play, but they also strengthen your child’s hifz.? * The Kiitab functions include Englishtranslations of each verse so your child can understand what they are reciting.? * This book includes incorporates the same Tajweed colour codes used in the world-famous Madinah Uthmani Script Mushaf, making it easy for your child to recognise the tajweed rules accurately wherever they occur.? * We’ve also included a lovely illustrated spread to explain the tajweed rules with examples, leading to better and more accurate recitation. * Juz Amma by Learning Roots is a hardback book, with laminated pages and a spiral-bound spine, making it durable with flat laying pages that turn back on themselves, allowing your child to focus on one page at a time.? * We’ve included a pull-out reference page that contains a summary of the tajweed rules by colour and the meaning of the small signs and symbols used in the Quran. Your child has instant access to this reference with every page they recite.


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