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Read Rise

This book has been handcrafted and carefully tailored to perfectly deliver a fun, fast and firm Quran learning experience. Here's how it works: Graded levels that take your child step by step from the alphabet all the way to reciting the Quran with tajweed like a real Shaykh! Features the 'Uthmani script calligraphy style used in the world-famous Madina Mus-haf. A spacious clean layout making the content accessible easy and friendly for children to read. Colourful learning map picturing each chapter as an adventure island, raising the engagement level with each level. Reward stickers that are used to mark each page once it has been mastered in order to excite children about their learning progress. Motivational hadith about learning the Quran so your child can connect with the deeper purpose of reciting the Quran. A line-by-line tickbox (checkbox) allowing your child to celebrate small wins and visualise their progress. A fold-out reference page to speed up reading progress by having the different letter positions always at hand to view. Durable laminated pages that can withstand tears and continual everyday use. Hardback spiral binding that allows the book to lay flat and be turned over so only one page may be focused on at a time. Read and Rise is compatible with Kittab, which speaks the words out for your child, opening up a whole new world of progress, fun and fluency.

Pages: 48

Price: £9.99
Was: £10.99

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